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Two-prong approach to Chanukah

obormottel Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Shiltei Giborim on Meseches Shabbos writes a famous remez to Chanuka found in parshas Mikeitz, וטבוח טבח והכן, the word ‹vehachen› and the ches from the word ‹tevach› spell Chanuka. Last year, my daughter found another remez, where Yehuda says ונלכה ונחיה, the last two letters of ‹venailaichah› and the first three of the word ‹venichye› spell Chanuka.

Possibly, a way to understand this remez and how it can be a message for us:

Chazal say that certain areas need an approach of שמאל דוחה וימין מקרב.
A person must be able to pace himself, to constantly strive for higher and better, yet at the same time to appreciate and consolidate the progress made thus far. Chanuka is a lashon of chinuch, training. We constantly train ourselves. Sometimes, we need to apply a dose of טבוח טבח והכן, meaning what we did was not satisfactory, and it is only a preparation. At other times, we need a dose of ונלכה ונחיה, meaning we are on the right track and we are attaining true life.