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Tumas Keri = Lack of G-d

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Vayikr a

Why the small Alef ?

Without the Alef it reads: Vayikar .

Happenstance. Coincidence. By chance.

Insert an Alef . Insert Hashem - The Alufo Shel Olam (The Nobleman of The World)....

Now it is: Vayikra !!!

By invitation. By design. Premeditated according to God's Master Plan.


Vayikar Elokim el Bilaam (Balak 23:4)
Loshon arai, loshon g'nai, loshon tumas keri (Rashi)

Vayikar = Absence of recognizing that Hashem is in Control
= A Disgrace = Tumas Keri!!!!

How can we combat that attitude?

By inserting an Alef !

Bring Hashem in to the picture.


When Amalek made inroads in this matter,

Hayeish hashem b'kirbeinu im a'yin?

We failed to recognize Hashem's constant presence in all matters,

Asher Karcha baderech.

The result is Tumas Keri !

This may be why the letter Alef is missing from Hashem's Throne as long as Amalek's effect is in power.... (Yad al keis Kah - Ein kisso shaleim!)