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Tolerating Mitzrayim

GYE Corp. Monday, 26 December 2011

"Vehotzeisi Eschem Mitachas Sivlus Mitzrayim - And I will take you out from under the suffering of Egypt".

Hashem says I will redeem you from your spiritual exile, from the fact that you can tolerate the filth of Mitzrayim. You will reach a state where you cannot tolerate the degradation and defilement of Mitzrayim any more. (Likutei Imrai Chaim)

The word "Sivlus" means suffering, but it also means "tolerate". As long as we can be "soveil - tolerate" the Egypt, i.e. the Yetzer Hara, it can have an influence over us. If we reach a state where we cannot be soveil only then, are we ready to truly surrender to G-d's help.