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Lekutai Maharan #272 (a translation):

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 08 February 2012

"Hayom Im Kekolo Tishmau" (Tehillim 95-7) - "Today!! If you heed His voice".

This is an important rule in the service of God: One should focus only on today. Whether with regard to livelihood and personal needs, one should not think about one day to the next, as is brought in the holy books. Also with regard to his serving God, one should not consider anything beyond this day and this moment.

For when a person wants to enter the service of God, it seems to him a heavy burden; he cannot possibly bear such a heavy load. However, when a person considers that he only has that day (to deal with), he will find it no burden at all.

In addition, a person should not procrastinate from one day to the next saying, "I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll pray more attentively, and with more enthusiasm"; and likewise for other devotions. For a person's world consists only of the present day and moment. Tomorrow is a different world entirely. "Today!! - if you heed His voice" - specifically, "TODAY'.

Understand this.