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The world was created for me

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav writes (Sefer Ohr Letziyon):

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 March 2012

Everyone must say the world was created for me (Sanhedrin 37). This shows that humility isn't that one should feel lowly and worthless, rather humility is knowing that all your attributes and accomplishments are a gift from Hashem.

There's a contradiction, it says, "and he was haughty in the way of Hashem" and another posuk says, "Hashem despises everyone who is haughty". One answer is, that one has to be humble regarding his past deeds, and regarding the future one has to be arrogant thinking that he can accomplish much - and use his strengths to serve Hashem. Unfortunately many people do the opposite, and they are arrogant regarding their past and humble about their future.