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The reward for those who guard your eyes

GYE Corp. Thursday, 10 May 2012


  • He becomes a chariot [Merkava] to the Shechina, and he is considered as if had offered all the sacrifices (The Chida, Avodat ha Kodesh, Tzipporen Shamir, 9:128)
  • When he prays to the Holy One Blessed be He, He listens to his prayers, He answers him in his time of need (The Chida, ibid)
  • The force of his holiness and of his labor endures for ever, for him and for his descendants (Yesod Tzaddik, Chap 3)
  • He will merit to enjoy the pleasantness of the Most Holy, the King of Kings the Holy One Blessed be He, his eyes will behold this beauty in the supernal worlds. (Beer Moshe, Parashat Bo)
  • He will merit to be among the most elevated in the future, among the Tzaddikim and the holy ones of the land through whose merit the world stands, and will feel the brilliance of the holiness of the Bet ha Mikdash when it will be built anew (Yesod Tzaddik, Chap 3)
  • He merits to listen and behold G-dly images, and to feel the essence of G-dliness. (Yetav Lev, Vayera)
  • He merits righteous sons and long life (Sefer Chassidim, Siman 495)
  • His sons will live and will not suffer from the problems that come to the world in general (Imre Kodesh, Hasref MiStralisk, 38)
  • He merits that his sons will author interpretation on the Torah. (Sefer ha Middot, 60)
  • He will merit to behold the Higher Merkava (Reshit Chochma, Shaar ha Kedusha 88:47)
  • He merits to keep his eyesight also in his old age (Tochachat Chayim, Achare mot)
  • He merits the creation of Holy and pure angels that will be united with him in the future (Yesod Tzaddik, Chap 5)
  • The Ayn ha Ra has no power on him and on his descendants (Berachot 20, Devash Le Fi)
  • He merits sustenance with abundance (Tochachat Chayim, Achare Mot)
  • He merits a special protection from above, that the Holy One will protect and save him (Tiferet Shelomo, Maamre Shabat)