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The onus is on us.

"Because Hashem,  your  G-d goes in the midst  of your  camp to save you and put your  enemies before you. Your  camp must  be holy!  He  must  not see  in you  any  matters  of immorality, or He will turn around from behind you." (Ki Saitzei)

obormottel Sunday, 17 July 2016

Bilam understood this very well. When Bilam was not allowed to curse Bnei Yisroel, he advised the Moavim to send out their daughters to entice the Jewish men. "The G-d of the Jews despises immorality. If you can cause them to be nichshal, G-d Himself will punish them for you."

We live in times where there are so many tzaros. We cry out to Hashem to help us, and sometimes we think He is not listening. We were warned: If Hashem sees among you immoral things, He will turn around and forsake you. Our job is to bring the Sh'chinah back to us by living up to His standard of purity.