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The Eizov: Humbled, Not Defeated

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

The 12-Steps stress that it is generally our egos that cause us to "act-out", whether stemming from a sense of "entitlement", or from the need to "control" things to go our way. When an addict is finally "beaten" and his life becomes unmanageable, he stands before two choices. He can either fall into complete despair, hopelessness and continue to perpetuate his misery, or he can break his "heart" and humble himself before Hashem, becoming completely dependant on Him, with the knowledge that Hashem loves Him and will care for him even though he is sick. This is the root of true recovery, and this Yesod ties in beautifully with the punishment of the Metzorah and the story of Pesach in the following piece from Rabbi Teichman:

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Quote from article:

"When we fully submit ourselves before Hashem's will, and sense our value in His eyes regardless of our stature and accomplishments, there is nothing more humbling and inspiring. It wasn't a sense of defeat but rather a sense of total dependence and trust in Hashem that boosted them in Egypt...."