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The Diametric Opposite

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Zohar on Parshas Balak talks about Matan Torah and says that before Hashem gave the Torah to Am Yisrael, He first offered it to all the goyim of the world. And he also gave them Bilaam, a Navi as great as Moshe Rabbeinu, so they couldn't say they didn't have a fair chance.

In order for a person to really understand the worth of something, introduce them to the opposite concept first, so they can personally appreciate the difference. Want to sell a perfect diamond? First show the buyer the difference between glass, inferior diamonds, and then finally your perfect stone. Want to introduce someone to the intricacies of fine wine? Start with $1 wine "special" and end with a vintage Bordeaux.

I think the same idea is very connected to our generation, which is Iy"H the final one before the geulah, and the hardest accordingly:

The holiest period in history is about to be revealed to the whole world.

In order for us - and the whole world - to fully appreciate it when it is finally revealed, we must first examine its diametric opposite:

Absolute Kedusha vs. Absolute Tuma.

We are currently steeped in the Tumah, and if anyone knows just how repulsive it is, it's those of us on GYE.


Imagine this:

Moshiach comes tomorrow. The Goyim approach HKB"H with their complaints."Hashem; The world is buried in absolute filth and Tuma. How were we, mere humans, supposed to have fought it? You created us with a natural desire for sexual pleasure. The pull was so strong, that no-one could have resisted the urges, and no one was even trying."

AND IN WALKS GYE: Hashem's final answer to the Goyim!