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The Beloved is Knocking

obormottel Friday, 20 January 2017

Hashem tells Moshe rabbainu
Tell the yidden pakod pakaditi

Zuggt rashi
This was a mesora that the eventual savior
will say the code words pakod pakadti

we are all in mitzrayim
Metzer yam
we are all enslaved and
we serve our different levels of shibud to mitzrayim

So listen up tayere yidden
Pakod pakaditi
That's the code word

When someone says it

Just know u are steps away from your personal redemption

who? what? when?

Ok here is a teretz that would work in zip code 40004

Pakod is פקד
The same letters as דפק
דפק is a knock

Kol dodi dofek

Once in a while we hear a small little "klop"
It is a defek

Hashem is whispering

Psssssssssttttt. ... Hello there pokod pakaditi

Nuchh merr

Some times we chap a "klop"

That klop is is reminder "hello i'm calling you"

Kol dodi dofeik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!