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The 90 Day Chart

GYE Corp. Sunday, 25 March 2012

After we mentioned that the 90 day chart on our website is exactly a half a year old, one of our Chizuk e-mail members ("misgaber") sent us an e-mail afterwards as follows:

Seeing the chart on your site, it just popped in my mind that it would be a good idea to make a progress chart on your website (that people should be able to download) to fill out every day their progress, and to give themselves a push forward and see how good they are...

So in honor of the chart's Half-a-Year birthday we decided to take "misgaber's" advice!

Please download the new 90-Day chart over here
(Right click and choose "Save Target/Link As")

Today is a very auspicious day to start the 90 day journey. It's Malchus shebi'Yesod in the Seffirah counting (which is the most powerful day in the week of Yesod, since Malchus is the culmination of the Seffira and contains all the sub-parts of that Seffirah).

But even if you are already in middle of your 90 day journey, download the chart today and keep track of where you are holding!

Note: If you want to hang up the chart near your computer at work or in your house without anyone having any idea of what it might be, download the following chart, which is simpler and does not contain anything besides for the chart. (Right-click the link and choose "Save Target/Link As").

See Tool #8 of the GuardYourEyes Handbook for more on the amazing 90 day phenomenon, and why it works - based on scientific studies!

  • See how many people are currently on the chart over here.
  • See how many people already made the 90 day journey, in the short half-a-year that it has been around over here.

Our dear member "Jack" - who was addicted for 38 years before he found our website - recently wrote to me as follows:

It's been 8 1/2 months clean with only one slip, and I can genuinely say that the desire for that junk is fading. It took me a 90 day period of absolutely terrifying rides on the roller coaster [see Jack's 90 day time-line here], but once the rides came to a stop, the junk was gone. And as more and more time goes on, that junk gets further in the past, and fades. However, we must still be careful and we can't let our GUARD down, because the addiction is still there, like a spark in our subconscious that can be ignited anytime. So no smoking around an addict, because the fumes may ignite that dormant spark. "Once an addict, always an addict", (it's in the neuron-pathways; in our psyche). ONWARD!!!