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Tailor-made program

obormottel Tuesday, 25 April 2017

In this week's Parsha we learn about the animals, fish, insects, and birds that we may not eat. The Torah describes them as "Toeiva" - an abomination. We are taught that by eating these things we are destroying our Neshamos, and the damage is very great. Why is it that these things are so dangerous, and if it is, why do they only affect us, and not people from other nationalities?

The answer is simple. Just as a child would not be able to eat certain foods that are difficult for their sensitive stomachs to digest, while that same food is ok and maybe even beneficial for an adult who's stomach can handle more, so too by a Yid versus a Goy. The Kedusha of a Yid is so great that these types of abominable foods can throw the system out of whack. But by a Goy, being that his level is significantly lower, he will not be affected at all by their consumption.

Here on GYE, there are many things that we may not be able to do, while other non-addicts, may not have a hard time with them. As a married man, there are some things that are halachically permissible for me with regard to my wife, which I refrain from doing because of the sensitivity of my situation. As Bochurim, there may be a job or a store that is Be'Etzem not bad, and maybe even a good place to be, but because of your sensitivities, it's advisable to stay away.

In short, everything is relative. Just as one food may affect one person more than another, so too certain actions may be more dangerous for one over another. As responsible people, it would be wise for us to pay attention to our specific tendencies, and cater a program of avoidance especially for us.