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So we can GROW

GYE Corp. Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Netivos Shalom of Slonim writes that the struggles a person finds himself struggling with the most in life are an indication of what his particular Neshama was sent down to the world to fix, and the path that his soul is meant to use, to come close to Hashem.

Never think of this struggle as a problem that we "unfortunately" have to deal with. Adaraba! It was given to us by Hashem so we can GROW! This is our opportunity to come close to Hashem. That is why he gave us this struggle. He is calling us. He wants me and he wants YOU. And this is one of the main reasons we came down to this world.

Hashem wants us to use this struggle with sincerity as a "spring board" to come closer to Him. He has given us the "spring board", now all we have to do is JUMP on it. And if we fall, chas veshalom, we just gather momentum for a higher jump next time.