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Sheva Yipol Tzadik

obormottel Friday, 21 April 2017

We know "sheva yipol tzaddik v'kum". To fall seven times you have to have been up in between. The possuk tells us don't worry you will eventually stand without falling. But what about someone who remains on the ground the whole time. For where does he know that there is hope for him to keep on trying. How many times can he try without success and still expect to see relief?

This week's parsha tells us don't give up trying. For 7 days Moshe put the mishkan up and no shechina came. The Bnei Yisroel said what was the point in building the mishkan we are doomed. The cheit hegel was too great. Moshe told them don't despair. And them Aharon did the avodah. Still no fire from Hashem. Moshe said don't despair. Ultimately they daven and lo and behold the Shechina comes. When on the 8th day. Why only on the 8th day. I was thinking that perhaps the message is. It's true under natural circumstances there was no hope. But teshuva is supernatural. The RBSO can do anything even in the otherwise hopeless situation. And the message also was that don't try it alone. Moshe on his own was unsuccessful. Aron on his own was unsuccessful. They went together and the Shechina came down.
Thank you, Hashem, for GYE - a place where together we can achieve the supernatural.