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Shabbos Hagadol: Why were we worthy?

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

Someone told me over a powerful vort today from the Me'or Einayim that relates very much to the situation that many of us are in, here on GYE.

Why is this Shabbos called Shabbos Hagadol? Explains the Me'or Einayim that the Yidden were in a state of "Katnus" before leaving Mitzrayim. They were at the 49th level of Tumah. And the Satan said to Hashem, "why are you doing miracles for them, the Jewish people are idol worshipers just like the Egyptians!". But Hashem didn't listen to the Satan and took us out from "Katnus" to "Gadlus", as the Pasuk says "Va'tigdili Vatirdi..." And that's why it's called Shabbos Hagadol.

So the Me'or Einayim asks, but why indeed didn't Hashem listen to the Satan? After all, we were at the lowest level and entrenched in idol worship just like the Egyptians? So he answers that in the merit that the Yidden made a seder night before they left and they beleived that they would leave Mitzrayim, this merit was enough to uplift them to the state of "Gadlus" and merit all those miracles.

And the Me'or Einayim goes on to explain that this is what differentiates the "nekudah" between Jew and non-Jew. Even when a Jew is on the same level as the non-Jew and is entrenched in the lowest sins, he still wants and beleives that he will leave Mitzrayim some day. He wants to leave. He believes that Hashem can and will take him out.

This is such an important lesson for us. No matter how low we may have fallen, if we want to leave and believe we WILL leave "Mitzrayim", then Hashem will do miracles for us no matter where we stand!