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Searching for chometz in our souls

From Avodas Isroel by the Kozhnitzer Maggid

obormottel Sunday, 09 April 2017

Every place where the chometz was brought during the year, requires careful inspection (bedikah). This means to say that everyone needs to inspect his soul for place that the "chometz" (i.e. the Evil Inclination) dwells there, each one according to his or her level. For example, someone who habitually violates the bris, G-d forbid, or desecrates his eyes, G-d forbid, by looking where one is not allowed to look, needs to inspect, and get rid of, and return with complete repentance and contrition so as not to do this sin again, and for what had been done, let him repent completely and FOR SURE G-d will forgive him.