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Sanctifying your eyes

GYE Corp. Thursday, 26 April 2012

One should know that the principle aspect of a Jew's holiness and purity is in sanctifying his eyes. The Torah emphasizes this in the verse regarding Yehuda by asking, "Where is the k'deisha?" While the word k'deisha has the meaning "harlot," it can also be read in its meaning of "holiness," so that we read, "Where is the holiness?" And the answer is "b'Anayim," which means that the harlot was in the place called Anayim, but also that the holiness of a Jew is in the Anayim - the eyes (Bereshit, 38:21).

I saw also in a Sefer recently that the word "Re'iyah" - which means "Sight", equals in Gematria the word "Gevurah" meaning "Strength". This is to show us that the main strength of a person in fighting his evil inclination is by guarding his sight. One who guards his eyes is the REAL Gibor.

R' Nachman writes that the Tikkun for sexual fantasies is to be Mechadesh Chidushai Torah. And he explains that the reason for this is because fantasy comes through a person's "imagination", therefore, by working out new insights in Torah through the power of the imagination (i.e. by comparing one thing to another), one fixes the spiritual damage that he caused through the imagination of improper fantasies and causes his imagination to become holy.

In light of the above, here's a Chidush Torah of my own for now (to get you all started :-). We read today on Rosh Chodesh, "Zeh ha'isheh asher takrivu l'hashem" and "Ishe Raiyach Nicho'ach L'Hashem". Perhaps the word "Ishe" that is always used in the Torah when talking about Korbanot, is coming to hint to us that the most desirable "sacrifice" to Hashem and what gives him a true "Raiyach Nicho'ach", is when a man sacrifices his "desire for women" and gives it away to Hashem.

Please send us your Chidushei Torah!