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Put On A Mask - In Order to Take it Off!

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Purim is a time where all inhibitions and screens are removed. We dress like different people in order to cover over our "selves" of the whole year - so we can touch our REAL selves. And we drink to let go of our "daas" for the same reason. Even if our lives are filled with darkness and slips all year round, on Purim we can reach very high levels. A Jew who yearns for his Father in Heaven, even if it's far down in his heart and covered over all year, on Purim he can touch that Nekudah. Purim is a time when we get in touch with our deepest inner yearnings. The Sefarim tell us that in the very high upper worlds there is a place where even the evil and darkness is all good. That is the level we reach when we drink "until we don't know the difference between Haman and Mordichai". This is also the inyan of "Ve'nahafoch hu" - when even the darkness and evil is shown to be chesed of Hashem in the end. One day we will see how all our struggles were Hashem's greatest chesed to us. On Purim we can touch that feeling...

"All who ask are given". The Sefarim say that in many ways Purim is the highest time of the year. Even Yom Kippur is only Yom- Ki- Purim - a day like Purim. Purim is a bechinah of the world-to-come, G'mar Hatikkun. When a Yid drinks properly and reaches a level of bitul ha'da'as, he touches his innermost yearnings and can have the deepest and most profound Teffilos to Hashem.

Let the Simcha take us over; let the tears of joy and prayer caress down our cheeks! For at the end of the day, there is only joy and good in the world. All year round we aren't zoche to see it, but on Purim we are given a taste of this lofty state. Don't let this day just pass you by. The greatest salvation can be achieved on this day!

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