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Purim Lessons from GYE Members

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Zemiros Shabbos":

  • Even if you are king of the known world, if you get upset at the wife when things don't go your way, the results can be fatal.
  • Not being happy with you what have can sometimes get you a one-way ticket to the top of a very high pole.



  • Just because everybody else is partying, that doesn't make it right.


"Yosef Hatzadik":

  • Even after Mordechai was led around town by Haman astride on the Royal stead, Haman already recognized his impending downfall, but Mordechai returned to his prayers! Nothing can be taken for granted! Whatever I have is a gift from Hashem! Mordechai thanked Hashem for this episode, and promptly continued asking Hashem for His continued mercy & benevolence!



  • We dress up on Purim, but we really are who we are... This is a lesson to us that although we put on a character all year, we remain who we really are.

  • There's no such thing as "all is lost". No matter how hard we fell, it's never all lost. Never underestimate the koach of a yid, or the koach of tefilla.



  • You have to do the Ratzon Hashem even if it's not politically correct (Mordechai Hatzaddik on Achashveirosh's Seudah/Bowing to Haman).
  • When a Yid hits bottom -it's only up from there.
  • Ain Shum Yiush Ba'Olam Klall. As a matter of fact, I once heard that the Yidden actually participated in the Seudah out of Yeiush -since the party was meant to commemorate the end of the 70 years of galus Bavel according to Achashveirosh's cheshbon (similar to his predecessor's parties). And this was part of the Aveirah of their participation -because it's asur to give up on the geulah - and the same is true for the personal redemption of each and every teire Yid!



  • Revealing that you have a tail and are different from others may be the only way to avoid death.