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Practical Tip for Today

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 17 January 2012

In honor of GYE's B-day and the special segulah for renewal on this day, let us all try to renew our commitment to guarding our eyes. Here's one idea of a Kabbala that can be very helpful in this regard:

"I am mikabel upon myself until after Tisha Be'av, to donate $2 to GYE for every time I obsess over something that is arousing to me by taking a second and third look in any 15 second time-frame, or if I gaze at something arousing to me for more than 15 seconds in any given minute's time. (If I looked while forgetting that I made this Kabbala, I will not have to pay)."

Keep a little notebook in your pocket, and mark down each time you slip.

Why does this work so well? Often we stumble in shmiras ainayim because at the moment we are faced with a nisayon, the Yetzer hara makes us forget all the consequences and we figure it can't really hurt to take a second look. He actually makes us feel that it's in our best interest to look! And by the time we convince ourselves that it's really NOT in our best interest, we already stumbled and saw what we shouldn't have. With this Kabala however, we will be instantly aware of the consequence of looking and we'll be able to avert our gaze much quicker.

Try it; you'll be amazed at how well it works!