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Please Watch Over Us

the.guard Tuesday, 16 January 2018

When we were approaching חודש שבט I heard from Reb Shlomo Meyer a vort that was tremendous chizuk for me all these years.

שבט ר״ת שמרם ברכם טהרם.

This month, which is entirely during the weeks of שובבים is here to remind us what our goal in life is. We ask Hashem, please שמרם - watch over us that we shouldn't chas veshalom have any נסיונות, and when a נסיון does come, not to give up just keep davening ברכם - bench us with the strength to overcome the נסיון and if chas vishalom we fail the test, we still don't give up, we ask Hashem please טהרם - purify us, because it's NEVER TO LATE.