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GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Whenever faced with a struggle, remember this important saying:


This idea can be found in Tehhilim (37) as well:

Roll your ways on G-d, trust in him and he shall do.

Someone sent us a piece from the Husiaterner Rebbe, Reb Ya'akov zy'a from Rhizin. He writes that the time between Yom-Kippur and Sukkos is a time of Teshuvah Me'ahavah (Repentance through Love). And he brings the Gemarah (in Yummah 86b) that says that when a Jew does Teshuvah through Love, his past sins become merits. It says in the Torah about the first day of Sukkos: "Take for yourself on the first day" - and Chaza"l write: "Rishon Le'cheshbon Avonos" - "The first day of the accounting on one's sins". Why would we want to make an accounting of our sins, and what does this have to do with Sukkos? This cryptic Chaza"l can now be understood in a new light. Since a Jew does Teshuvah through Love during these days, on Sukkos he can start to count all of his PAST sins as MERITS!