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Nothing in the world more beautiful

GYE Corp. Sunday, 06 May 2012

Dear members of our Chizuk list!

I must share with you what's happening lately on the GUE Forum, especially now, so close to Rosh Hashana.

The other night, I was reading out loud from the forum to my wife what everyone had written just recently, and after a few minutes I just couldn't go on any more. I choked up and started crying and I just couldn't stop. My wife had to wait a few minutes until I was able to continue.

The next day, I found out I was not alone. Read this amazing post called "A pre Rosh Hashana Message to my dear brothers and sisters" where "Mevakesh" describes how he too couldn't hold back the tears when reading the latest posts!

Yidden! There is nothing in the world more beautiful as what is going on in this forum. Yidden who never met, living thousands of miles apart and yet loving and supporting each other, probably more than they do with the friends they mix with every day! It's the powerful love of fellow warriors on the battle field, who know they are all in this together till the end.

There is nothing more wonderful than the weaving of these beautiful stories that Hashem has waited so long for. What can be more inspiring than to watch these journeys of sacrifice unfold before our very eyes, to watch the miracle of human beings giving over their hearts to Hashem?

So dear Yidden, if you haven't taken advantage of this amazing tool yet, be a part of it too! Join this incredible community today, for the glory of the king's crown, and watch yourself really start to grow!


Here are some inspiring recent posts:

Berachot to All! I have recently grown peyyot, and though in the workplace I try to keep them tucked back, they inevitably fall into my face-right at the sides of my eyes!

It then occurred to me: As tzit-tzit remind the hands to perform mitzvot, so to do the peyyot remind my eyes to obey mitzvot!

May Hashem guard your eyes and keep your heart devikut!

Chevra, this is something new and amazing, we're coming to Rosh Hashana with a plan. That's the most important part of teshuva. And we also have each other. This is great and it's all thanks to guardureyes, he should be blessed with all the berochos there could possibly be. And so should the rest of you. I want to suggest that we all agree to daven for each other. It dosen't matter that we don't know the names, Hashem knows. And anyway what better names to use than these (pseudo-names), that are used for teshuva and for "zikuy harabim"...

…. I beg you to take full advantage of the tremendous gift that Hashem has given you in bringing you to this forum. Nowhere in the world will you find people that love you, care about you and understand you, as much as here. Read everything and keep us posted on your struggles, successes and any questions. We're with you, and as mevakesh says, "together we'll prevail"l. A Kesiva Vachasima Tova and please daven for all of us and the continued success of GUE's forum and site :) CHAZAK VEAMATZ!!!

I have to speak my heart. In addition to my battling the despicable disgusting menuval, I've been having a lot of pain in my life in general. Whenever I come to the forum and see the wonderful stuff going on here, it gives me chizuk in a way that nothing else can. There is no way to describe the feeling of hope and chiyus I get here. I can't thank Mevakesh and GUE enough. I wish you and all the chevra here, the greatest year with continued and growing success in being mezakeh es harabim. And we should all be zocheh to greet moshiach very, very soon.

The treacherous murderer is always working full time to somehow get me. Some of his main tools are depression and anxiety, combined with curiosity. I don't get aroused easily, but he's happy just to get me to look. Since I discovered this forum, which was about a month and half ago, he hasn't had any hope of laying his filthy bloody hands on me. Thanks to GUE and friends. So that's it for now, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!

WOW, do I have chills right now. I just read this forum from start to finish and to say it is giving me chizuk is a huge understatement. I am flying high emotionally. This is the best preparation for the Yomim Noraim, a time when all of us are trying extra hard to succeed. I am no prophet, but I can say with certainty that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is looking down at everyone on this sight and kvelling with unbelievable simcha and nachas. All we ever try to do is the ratzon Hashem, and right now, right here, on this website, you guys are smashing the samech mem (evil inclination) to pieces and spreading the glory of Hashem's malchus in the world, precisely the point of Rosh Hashana. Thank you and let this be the reason you are all written in the book of Bracha, simcha, Parnassa, and all good things.

We all need support, but bechira is a precious gift given by the Creator to each of us. Without bechirah we can have NO reward. As a matter of fact, without the yetzer hara we can have no reward! I must tell you, although the yetzer hara wants us dead, he at the same time is our BEST FRIEND! Fighting him and winning is what Hashem wanted!! There can be no reward without the struggle! The bottom line, after all the support we are getting from the fine, fine people on this site, the bottom line is that we have to defeat our own personal yetzer hara with brute force. No one is following me around to see what I do or don't do. I know there are people here who are with me in my struggle, but when push comes to shove, I'm alone. During lunch, I can do one of 2 things.... but I know that "guardureyes" and "elya" and "mevakesh", and "niceguy" and "battleworn" and everybody here are 'watching' me. But in reality, I'm alone at that moment. So don't give me so much credit, take some for yourselves every time you win. By the way, today I'm starting day # 21 of sobriety. My warmest wishes to all of you.

B'H i think its twelve strong days and going strong! i'm going with what you all said and counting all the way till 90. I'm feeling better but i still have this feeling in the back of my head that i could slip back any time. But B'H i am feeling good and i started helping others with this issue . I'm determined to break this into the open so people don't suffer in silence. We need to get people to open up, to share. The hiding is the most deadly part of it, and once that is behind you a huge battle is already won. People need to know how many were suffering like them but have beat it. I told someone that and they didn't believe me!

One more day clean. One day I'll be saying I haven't touched myself in an asur way in 8 yrs. 8 yrs ! Can you imagine the kedusha! I've just started down the road and I already feel big Siyatta Dishmaya in my life and learning! I want this to continue!