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Nisyonos are prerequisite for brochos

obormottel Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Everyone wonders, why did Yitzchok want to give the berachos to Aisav – it's true that Aisav managed to fool him to think he was a tzadik, but he certainly knew that Yaakov was the one who sat and learned Torah all day while Aisav had shortcomings (see Rashi on 27-21).

I heard an answer from Rabbi Yitzchok B. Shlit”a that these berachos were the berachos of King/leadership. (There are two other sets of berochos in this week's parsha, the ones Aisav finally got and the ones that Yaakov got at the end of the parsha before he went to Lavan). Only one who has nisyonos and challenges is worthy to be a King/leader. Therefore, Yitzchok felt that only Aisav could get the berochos because even though Yaakov actually learned more and may have behaved better, Aisav did have the nisyonos that would make him worthy.
In reality, Aisav was not worthy, because he had not overcome his nisyonos, and Yaakov’s nisyonos were yet to come (in the upcoming parshios), but the basic point stands.