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Mission to destroy the man's life

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

One of our members sent us some excerpts of ideas from the book "The Light of Ephraim" by Simchah H. Ben Yosef.

When Hashem created the universe at Breishit, he mandated that a soul be sent to this world every time a man releases his seed, whether intentionally or not. The idea was that through this process, if man chose to use/release his seed for the holy purpose that Hashem intended (to create a life with one's wife in a kosher relationship), man would than be able to actually participate in the divine plan for the world by causing souls to be sent down from Shamayim to this world to create life - which is a pretty amazing privilege. The problem begins when man uses/releases his seed for unholy purposes (via masturbation, nocturnal emissions, sexual relations with non-Jewish women, etc.). This causes spiritual forces called Kelipot to absorb all of the seed's life-giving potential. When this happens, the Kelipot are able to capture the souls sent down from Shamayim (the reason being is that the souls were forced to down to earth from Shamayim in vain because the seed was released from the man in an unholy way) and the klippot then force these souls to cause the man who brought them down in vain all sorts of trouble. That this is why men feel literally hopeless and tired after they release their seed for unholy purposes. These reactions happen not because the men are unhealthy or depressed, but because the Kelipot have already begun their mission to destroy the man's life.

I recommend this book because all of these ideas, even if they appear absolutely outrageous, can be verified through personal experience, science, psychology, and mainstream indisputable Torah sources such as the Shulchan Aruch, the Talmud, and the Torah.