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MALCHIYUS: Kavod Shamayim

GYE Corp. Saturday, 25 February 2012

The main avodah of Rosh Hashana is Kabalas Ol Malchus Shamayim - Accepting the yoke of Heaven. This is why Malchiyus is recite in Kedushas Hayom. The sanctity of the day is Malchiyus, and this is our main avodah.

And the heavenly judgement is based on this as well. On Rosh Hashana, Hashem hands out "roles" for the coming year. Our "roles" are mainly based on how much we believe in - and desire - kavod shamayim (the honor of Heaven). And that is why the focus of the tefillos are for this.

For those that struggle with the Yetzer Hara (who doesn't?), let's try to take our attention away from our difficulties for now, and instead turn our attention to our inner desire to do the will of Hashem.

On R"H we blow a bent shofar, because it is a day when we "hide" our sins. The reason is, because our sins are not who we are. The Yid at his core is his will, and he wants to do the will of Hashem. On R"H, we focus on our ratzon to do the will of Hashem and our desire for the revelation of His glory in the world. Any focus of our "struggles" should be geared to its impact on kavod shamyim. We also need to realize how much each victory (even if we fall afterwards) brings down kavod shamayim to the world.

This is especially true for our addictions - which are sins in private. As Rav Dessler writes (pt 5, page 23):

"The greatest revelation of G-d is in the most private places. Through privacy and secrecy comes revelation. When a tzadik is tested, and especially in private areas of his life and eventually succeeds, he is bringing down kavod shamyim to the world."

P.S. It is worthwhile to get your hands on the special tefilla for zera l'vatala that is recited during musaf of R"H during "u'mipnei chateinu". I have been saying it for the past nine years. Very uplifting. It is printed in many machzorim.