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Machshavos Soneinu

GYE Corp. Sunday, 26 February 2012

These days we say Avinu Malkeinu. One of them is: "Batel Machshavos Soneinu - eliminate the thoughts of those who hate us". First of all, this is clearly a reference to the Yetzer Hara as well, who hates us and wants to kill us. However, we can also (loosely) explain this phrase as asking HaShem to eliminate the hateful thoughts in our minds which lead us to sin. Only He can rescue us, and we must constantly ask for His divine assistance to eradicate the impulses which attack us so many times each day.

So next time you get an impulse to act-out, daven to Hashem and say, "Avinu Malkeinu, Batel Machshavos Soneinu!"