Friday, 30 December 2011

Love vs. Lust

by Mordichai (See all authors)

I was thinking about the difference between love and lust. Some people think that hate is the opposite of love. I disagree. I think that lust is the opposite of love. When you hate something or someone, you still have an outgoing energy towards that person or thing. Love is also an outgoing energy, so it's not really a diametric opposite. However, lust is only self centered. When you lust after a woman, you make her an object to meet YOUR needs, to bring YOU pleasure, to give YOU satisfaction. The yetzer hara tells you she is there just for YOU to enjoy. Lust is the desire to receive for the self alone, while love is the desire to receive in order to give. Love gives because it wants to give, while lust takes because it wants to take.

When you take a look at the letters with which the words begin you will see that in Hebrew Love (ahava) begins with an aleph (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet --numerical value: 1). Love unites, makes one. The numerical value of the word One (echad) = 13 -- just like the word for love (ahava=13). However the word for lust ta'avah begins with a tav (the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet--numerical value 400). The Pasuk says "Le'Taavah Yivakesh Nifrad" - Lust separates. When I think about the number 400 it reminds me of the 400 years spend in slavery in Mitzrayim. Lust gets us trapped, while Love sets us free!!!!