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Kidush vs. Havdolo

obormottel Friday, 13 January 2017

L'fi shek'shemes yaakov nistemu eineihem v'libam shel Yisroel mitzoras hashibud.(Rashi)

Nistemu eineihem v'libam shel Yisroel is the ideal that we all strive for!

Ayin Ro'eh, haLev chomeid....... the result is unwanted. :-[

While the great & holy Yaakov Avinu was alive, the eyes & hearts of Klal Yisroel were shielded under his influence & in his great merit. Now that he wasn't around anymore, they needed a new way to achieve this state.

Yaffe talmud torah im derech eretz sheyegias shenayim meshakeches avon - torah & work/labor are good because through toiling in them both sinning will be 'forgotten.'

After Yaakov passed away the eyes & hearts of Klal Yisroel were able to remain closed due to the difficulties of the Shibud Mitzraim!

The Alter of Kelem (?) said: If a Jew doesn't make Kiddush, then the Goy will make Havdala! - If a Jew doesn't keep himself sufficiently holy & apart from all non-Jewish influences, then the gentiles will forcefully set him apart! As we saw in Germany 70 years ago!