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Keep Me in Mind

Hinei anochi imach ushmarticha b'chol asher teileich.

obormottel Thursday, 08 December 2016

A Gerrer chasid took leave from his Rebbe before departing on a business trip to Paris. The Rebbe had a request for him, can he please buy some Cuban cigars for the Rebbe in Paris?

The Chasid gladly agreed, thrilled at the chance to be of service to his Rebbe!

While in Paris, though, he was so preoccupied that he completely forgot about his intended purchase. He only remembered when he was already on the train returning home.

Upon disembarking in Warsaw, he immediately set about searching for a cigar shop and bought imported Cuban cigars. Even though they were more expensive than they would've been in Paris, he was glad that he can fulfill his Rebbe's wishes.

When he proudly presented the cigars to the Rebbe, the Rebbe inquired exactly where he bought them, and the chassid was forced to admit that he forgot to buy them in Paris.

"Do you really think that I needed cigars from Paris?" the Rebbe asked. "All I wanted was that while YOU ARE IN PARIS you should keep in mind that you have a Rebbe in Ger, but you forgot..."

Hinei anochi imach = if we have Hashem 'with' us constantly
ushmarticha b'chol asher teileich = we can stay safe no matter where we go!!!