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Kal v'Chomer

B'nai Machshovo Toivo

obormottel Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Kal v'Chomer

Rav Klonimus Shapira of Piaseczna related, in connection with the following Posuk: “Adam ki yakriv mikem korban l’Hashem, min habehema min habakar u’min hatzon etc.”

If the Torah gives us the ability to sanctify an animal, how much more so, we should realize, it gives us the ability to sanctify ourselves. Similarly, just as Hashem does not reject an offering merely because it is a lowly animal, so too we should not feel that Hashem has rejected us if we have not yet achieved the spiritual success we know we can. This knowledge should encourage a person to continue his spiritual climb despite his challenges and setbacks.