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Kadesh, Urchatz: It's Backwards on Seder Night

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

OK, here's a Pesach Vort that has me on a high, said over by a fellow Chaver on Duvid chaim's call from Rabbi Reisman, but I'm embellishing the idea somewhat:

How do you grow to believe in yourself that you can make it? How do you know Hashem loves You?

On Seder night, the order of the seder begins Kadesh, Urchatz.

Kadesh, which is accepting/bringing in Kedusha, comes before Urchatz, the washing off the shmutz. But isn't it supposed to be the other way around? The whole year it's usually "Sur MeiRah", then "Asei tov". That's why Asseres Yimei teshuva comes BEFORE Yom Kippur. Don't we always have to wash off the shmutz before we can be Kadosh?

On both Yom Kippur and Leil Shimurim we wear a kittle. The white symbolizes a new beginning, a clean slate. On Yom Kippur we get there from the hard work of previous teshuva. But on PESACH NIGHT, there is a special koach of LOVE from Hashem, and we get there FIRST, and the "teshuva" comes after. That's the special lesson of Leil Pesach, which is why there is a VAV between those two simanim, and not between any others - Kadesh U rchatz!! When Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim the night of Pesach, WE WERE STILL ON THE 49TH LEVEL OF TUMAH. We didn't start improving until we got out, climbing each day until Matan Torah! AND YET HE STILL TOOK US OUT!! WE WERE STILL IN THE SHMUTZ, STUCK IN THE MUCK, and that DIDN'T STOP Hashem from loving us and taking us out!

Pesach is a VERY special time, when ALL Hashem wants and expects from us is that we RECOGNIZE that HE is the ONLY Master, and that we ONLY WANT to be HIS EVED. How do we do that? We'll learn HOW later, but for NOW we're declaring our ALLEGIANCE and our willingness to follow Him blindly out of Mitzrayim and into the desert.

We don't know WHERE we're going, we don't know HOW we're gonna get there, we don't know WHAT we'll eat along the way, all we know is to TRUST in HASHEM and want to follow Him. He LOVES US, despite the shmutz! He DESIRES US!! And I'm gonna LOVE HIM right back!!

This is a special message to us addicts - it DOESN'T MATTER that we're stuck now in the muck! On Pesach we can START A NEW SLATE by recognizing that HASHEM is the one in control of our lives, and we can determine to give up the fallacy that WE are in control. LET HIM CARRY OUR BURDEN. Let's move forward OUT of our personal Mitzrayim, and DON'T LOOK BACK!!

Chag Kasher V'Somayach! May we all FEEL the Kedusha, and always remember how MUCH Hashem Loves us!!