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In the eyes of our enemies...

obormottel Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Klausenberger Rebbe zy"a after the war was in the DP camps and it was Purim and he was at the seudah surrounded by many people, each one with a tragic story, this one lost a wife, this one his parents, this one his children and so on. the matzav ruach was very low.
the Rebbe started speaking, "Venahapoch Hu Asher Yishletu Hayehudim Haimah Besoinayhem", it will come a time when Venahapoch Hu, the opposite will happen, instead of the yidden being downtrodden and persecuted, they will be given the upper hand and they will be sholet on soinayhem when Moshiach comes. But when Moshiach comes he will look around at the yidden and he will ask "Hayehudim Haimah?" these are Jews? they do not look like the ideal Jew.
The Rebbe stands up "Then I, Zalman Leib, will say Hayehudim Haimah Besoinayhem, if in Hitler's eyes they are good enough to called a Jew and be tortured and killed for being a Jew then for you too they are Jews!"