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Imrei Chaim on Parshas Mikeitz

obormottel Monday, 26 December 2016

זאת עשו קחו מזמרת הארץ... מעט צרי.... מעט דבש
the Shvatim said to Yakov that Yosef accused them of being deficient in shmiras ha'yesod, 'meraglim atem', liros es 'ervas' haaretz. Yakov said, זאת עשו with this you can repair the blemish. kechu mizimras haaretz, (הארץ בגימט' שבת קודש, (בצ' פשוטה take shabbos'dige niggunim that you sing with friends, that's one tikun. מעט צרי, be mema'et the yetzer (same letters as צרי) through learning Torah, בראתי יצר בראתי תורה תבלין, this is also a tikun and a shemira. and מעט דבש, minimize your indulgences in the things you find to be 'sweet' (like honey דבש). all these are tools that help a person guard his yesod.

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