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I will be given life because of you

GYE Corp. Thursday, 10 May 2012

When Avraham was coming to Mitzrayim with Sarah, he told her: "Imri Na Achosi At, Lima'an Yitav Li Ba'avureich, Ve'chaysah Nafshi Biglaleich" - "Say, please, that you are my sister, so they should do good for me, for you, and give me life because of you".

The Ba'al Shem Tov explains that this Pasuk is an allusion to what a Jew is should do when lewd thoughts come to him... He explains that improper thoughts come from the spiritual side of Miztrayim, which was Shtufai Zima (flooded with debauchery). When these thoughts come to a Jew, he should connect them to the upper wisdom, which is called "Achosi - My Sister" (like the Pasuk says "Imri La'chachma Achosi At"). For the thoughts of Mitzrayim that entered his mind only came to him to be uplifted, and aderaba, they become transformed to the service of G-d. And it's not that these thoughts came to confuse him and take him away from the service of G-d, but rather these thoughts were sent to him specifically so that he can uplift them to their root (which is the love of G-d).

And this is the meaning of the words that Avraham said, "I will be given life because of you".