Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I Am Clean

"Frumfiend" (a Talmid Chacham and Magid Shiur) wrote today on the forum:

by Frum Fiend (See all authors)

A little cheshbon hanefesh and hakaras hatov likras lel hashloshim that I am clean. It is symbolic that this number which is considered significant in the recovery process, happened to fall out lel pesach sheni. Pesach sheni is the day of a second chance and so is GYE a second chance for me. As I have previously posted, I had totally given up hope of recovering. I hold lifetime memberships in p*n sites. I had thrown out computers and the internet countless times, to no avail. Somehow I stumbled on this site which has given me a second chance.

Thank you to all those that post replies, chizuk and musar to my posts.

Thanks for all the PMs and regards that keep me going.

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