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How they try to cut us off from Hashem

obormottel Sunday, 03 September 2017

I saw an interesting drosho from the previous Klausenberger Rebbe, given approximately 40 years ago on parshas Kedoshim. He showed throughout history how all of our enemies who tried to destroy us physically rach"l, first tried to move us away from Hashem by causing us to sin.

Haman, for example, was at the height of being honored, had everyone bowing to him, yet he chose to put a tzeilem around his neck. This, in essence, took the honor away from him and gave it to the avoda zara. But he was willing to do this, all so that klal yisroel should lose Hashem's protection.

The Germans ym"sh, while allowing theater and other cultural gathering in the ghettos, forbade davening in shul, yeshiva learning, and remaining with beards and peyos.

Somehow our enemies understand that to have power over us, they first have to weaken our connection with Hashem.

Maybe we could add the following, along this train of thought. In our generation our enemies have unleashed extraordinary kochos ha-tumah in the world, creating a decadent society that is getting worse by the day. They have infiltrated our homes through the computer and attempt to poison our holy nation. The atmosphere in the streets has become toxic.

Those of us who with the help of GYE and other like minded organizations are refusing to cave into this tidal wave of tumah (even if they slip on occasion) are protecting klal yisroel. That's right, besides the obvious benefits for one's self in staying clean, one is protecting our people by keeping the connection with Hashem strong.

Let's stay strong and be from those who keep our nation safe until Moshiach comes b'karov.