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How Lucky We Are!

GYE Corp. Thursday, 19 January 2012

We say in Hallel (1st paragraph): "Mi K'Hashem Elokeinu hamagbili lashoves, hamashpili lirois bashomayim uvo'aretz, mikimi meophor dol, mei'ashpois yorim evyoin - Who is like Hashem our G-d, who is enthroned on high, yet brings Himself down to look at the heavens and the earth. He raises the poor from the dirt and the destitute from the trash".

How lucky are we that the King and Ruler of everything, who sits in Heaven and runs the entire world, is also our Father who loves us so much and comes down to our lowly place in the spiritual garbage to carry us out. If we're stuck in the dirt, just call 'Daddy - I can't find my way out of this trash that is lust, please come down and get me - lift me up all the way to the heavens, I wanna be with You!'. And He just, as it were, drops everything He's doing and comes all the way down to our lowly level to bring us out. Just 'cause we're His children and His special nation!! Could you imagine calling Obama and asking him to come to your house to help you out with something?!?! And he's only the president of America, not the Omnipotent Ruler of the world!

How lucky are we to have such a connection!