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Hashem Put Us Here On Purpose

GYE Corp. Sunday, 25 December 2011

''Vayechi yaakov be'eretz mitzrayim"

Yaakov avinu found a way to live in Mitzrayim. After years of 'seeking to live in tranquility' (see Rashi at the beginning of Vayeshev), he finally realized that life isn't supposed to be perfect. It's not if only x,y,z happens that I can make the best of myself, etc... Our set of circumstances are tailor-made for us by Hashem and He wants us to make the best of ourselves in that very situation - even in Mitzrayim. All of life's troubling episodes are also orchestrated by Hashem, and all He wants from us, is the best we can be in that particular circumstance.

He put us in 'Mitzrayim' (i.e. gave us the addiction) on purpose. It's all for our good so we can be the best of what He wants us to be.