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Haoros l'parshas Beshalach

obormottel Friday, 10 February 2017

Haym ra'ah vayanos.
Mah ra'ah? Arono shel Yosef ra'ah.(Midrash)

Is that what the sea was afraid of? A few old bones in a box?

The see was afraid of Atzmas Yosef - that atzmius of Yosef - the essence of Yosef! The sexual purity of Yosef Hatzadik that Klal Yisroel had within themselves!!!

A baal keri needs to immerse himself in the waters of a mikvah. The Yidden were soooo far removed from that, that not only did they not need to immerse themselves in the water. The water actually FLED when the Yidden entered the seabed!!!


Vayosha Hashem bayom hahu ess yisroel miyad Mitzraim, vayar Yisroel ess Mitzraim meis

This one day we can get Hashem to help us in our struggle with Mitzraim/Ervas Haaretz,
on the condition that we Guard Our Eyes! Within the sights of Klal Yisroel all immorality must be dead/non-existent.


Erev v'yadatem ki hotzi Hashem me'eretz Mitzraim. Boker ure'isem ass k'vod Hashem, v'nancnu mah.

When we encounter a dark period, all we need to know is that Hashem takes out of the State of Mitzraim - the symbol of sexual misbehavior.

THEN, we will come to brighter points! We will recognize the greatness of Hashem's deeds.

There is one prerequisite, though. V'nachnu Mah. We must humble our EGO!


Mah titz'ak eilai.
Lo eis atta l'ha'arich b'tefila.....(Rashi)

Now is not the time for lengthy prayers, Klal Yisroel is in a tzarah.

Note: Hashem did NOT say that now there is no time for prayer; it is only the lengthy prayer which He is telling Moshe to avoid.

DAVENING IS ALWAYS NEEDED! Without a tefillah, we cannot achieve anything at all!

In Parshas Bereishis, when Hashem created the world, nothing existed until Adam Harishon davened for it on Friday!


Amar oyeiv erdof asig achaleik shalal timla'eimo nafshi arik charbi.(15:9)

Amar Oyeiv - The Yetzer Horah says, "Erdof - I want to chase a Yid! Asig - How can I reach him? By [at first] splitting with him." The Yetzer Horah won't try to confront us with big ugly aveiros. Those we will surely resist.

"What? Me? Do such a thing? I am normal, only a sicko would even think of it!"

So the sly Yetzer uses some cunning. At first, he pushes us only to half an aveira, just a little slip. Achaleik shalal. "This little slip is nothing. It happens to the best of us!"

Then, Timla'eimo nafshi* - we start enjoying it. We like the taste. It whets our appetite. We lick our lips and want more. Just a teeny weeny bit more.

Hayom omar lo assei kach, ul'machar omer lo assai kach, ul'besof omar lo....

We reach the point where Arik charbi - he unsheathes his sword & .......... [His victims are dead meat!]

*In the Artscroll translation:
Timla'eimo nafshi = I will satisfy my lust with them.