Sunday, 18 December 2011

Haftoras Parshas Vayishlach - Chazon Ovadia

by Ovadia (See all authors)

I would like to tell you why I chose the username Ovadia. It is after Ovadia HaNovi who is my inspiration.

Chazal ask, "Why did Ovadia prophesies about the downfall of Esav?"

Answer: "Let Ovadia, who lived between two wicked people (Achav and Ezevel) and was not influenced by them, prophesies against Esav who lived with two righteous people (Yitschak and Rivka) and did not allow himself to be influenced by them."

R Dessler ZT"L explains that whereas we know that one is always influenced by his surroundings, however, if he succeeds in going against the tide, then the environment has the opposite effect on him.

Esav resisted the influence of Yitzchak and Rivka and became the epitome of evil. Ovadia resisted the influence of Achav and Ezevel and thereby elevated himself tremendously.

This made me think that even though being exposed to certain Yetzer Haras is dangerous and we don't want them, however, if I am confronted by them and resist, I can reach higher Madreigos, just like Ovadia.

I heard a similar thought a few years ago from R Ezriel Tauber Shlita.

He related that he was asked to speak in a certain school, where the principal had discovered that the kids were sharing blue movies. This is what he told them:

He said that the 6000 years of creation are split into three parts. The first part corresponds to Eloikai Avraham, the second to Elokai Yitschok and the third to Elokai Yaakov. However the Chasima of creation corresponds to Magen Avraham, as in the Brocho.

What was the Gadlus of Avraham Avinu?

That he was able to stand up against an entire world that worshiped Avoda Zora, and he preached monotheism.

Said R Tauber: When we face a computer with access to the world, every one is an individual Avrohom Avinu, because we each face an entire world. This is why our generation corresponds to Avraham.