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GYE Lamentation for Corona

the.guard Thursday, 13 August 2020
GYE Lamentation for Corona

So many dear friends (mostly bochurim, but some marrieds too) are crying and miserable. They had worked so hard, b'ezras Hashem reached major milestones, and had attained real menuchas hanefesh. They had set up practical gedarim​, filters, guidelines, accountability. They were doing great. They even had it all planned out for bain hazmanim - knowing their homes were a challenge (due to parents' naiveté and leaving around unfiltered devices - a painful subject in and of itself). Some guys joined live meetings which were beneficial in so many ways - actual help, camaraderie, and accountability. And then came Corona.... The loneliness, the lack of getting out, the anxiety and edginess, feelings of unproductivity, live meetings non-existent, and weeks of access to unfiltered Internet - including supposedly "safe" zoom for yeshiva and college (the yeshivas that stuck to the phone conferences exclusively should be blessed), was just too much a nisayon. Even those chevra fortunate enough not to have easy access, reverting back to masturbation as the default stress reliever - instead of a good basketball game or other normal exercise - became extremely prevalent. A massive collective tragedy. Oy!!!!!

So do we end this post mired in depression? Absolutely not! Everyone here at GYE - after digesting the above - reach out for help - and reach out to help. These guys want to hold on to our hands so let's stretch them out. Even if you only listen and validate their pain you will have helped them unload, and show them someone cares. It is reassuring to know one is not alone (and is not a rasha or loser) and that many other great guys are struggling badly.

May Hashem give everyone the syatta d'shmaya to overcome the Yetzer Hara - and also advise our fellow strugglers properly!