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Go into Elul happy

"Will" posts on the forum for the first time:

GYE Corp. Sunday, 19 February 2012

Well, it's about time! I've been perusing these forums for a while, and really benefiting from them as well- but I kept pushing off registration... Now that I've taken the jump, I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! Just reading through the posts and logs here have very much inspired me - especially Bardichev's posts, Hoping's posts, Efshar Letaken's posts, Momo's posts, TrYiNg's posts, and of course the Heiligeh Guard's posts. The chizuk and empathy that is exchanged in this community is extraordinary, and I am very excited to become a part of it.

The Shmiras Einayim issue was rampant in my life, and it led to acting out as well. It was only when I read the 'Guard Your Eyes Attitude' handbook that I realized I was fighting the Yetzer Hara with the wrong weaponry, and since changing up my game plan the struggle has become much easier.... but it's still very hard.

And so, with marriage inevitable, I've decided to follow a piece of advice that I saw on this forum not long ago my own words: "If you're not gonna commit to putting ALL your Kochos into getting over this lust addiction, you ain't got NO business getting married". Too true.

So Be"h I WILL get over this lust addiction. I WILL keep my neshama safe. I WILL make my Creator happy. And I WILL be the husband that any Jewish lady deserves.

And with that... I'm Will. Pleased to meet you. :-)


Efshar Lesaken warmly welcomes "Will" and writes:

Now is a perfect time for anyone to join the GYE forum, so that we can go into Elul happy and knowing that this year we will be doing real tshuva that we know we will stand by. Unlike every year, that we keep on promising Hashem that we will better our ways, only to fall right back to square one.

No wonder we always got pressured when Elul came around, we didn't want to face Elul because we knew that we put in all this effort and........ Yeah! But this year, I go into Elul with a smile on my face, totally relaxed and happy that Hashem gives me the opportunity to do Teshuva & I finally have real hope that it will last.

So I say to you, Reb Will, and everyone else out there that has not joined yet:

Now Is The Time!

This year we will go to Rosh Hashana & Yom Kipur knowing that:

"Yes We Can!"