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Giving Away our Minds

On Purim - and always

obormottel Friday, 11 March 2016

Reb Chaim Shulevitz asks the obvious question:

Why is there an obligation to become intoxicated on Purim? He magnifies his question with the famous Shl"a hakadosh that says Purim in spiritually more elevating than Yom Kippur???

His basic answer (after all his proofs) is the following:

The Avodas Hayom, the main theme,on Purim is doing the will of the Hashe-m without our own understanding, being a true Eved Hashe-m (slave to G-D ). This requires us to be mavatel (remove) our daas (minds) for the will of G-d. The way we accomplish this (completely and totally - something a human can normally not achieve) is to drink.

It's even more elevating than Yom Kippur since then we have our minds getting in the way of doing solely the will of Hashe-m.

What struck me was that I have seen this vort many times over the past few years and I always thought that I internalized this message.... Until I found GYE (and the 12-Step call).

There I learned that I HAD NOT internalized this message, but I also learned HOW TO(as much as a sober human being could).

Thank you GYE and more specifically R' Steve (from the morning call)!!

Ah Freilichen Purim to all my sober (not on Purim) and holy brothers,