Wednesday, 25 January 2012

From now on there's no turning back

We have a member on our forum who calls himself "JewInPain". He posted once about his tragic life story; so much terrible, heart breaking pain (see here). But today he wrote on the forum:

by Jew In Pain (See all authors)

Hey guys, today is day 56 clean. I can't believe how good you made me feel, all of you. I feel like a drunkie these days, like I had at least a full gallon of Vodka. I'm in a great mood, I'm being mechazek everyone, I pray much deeper, I feel just happy to be a Jew and to have such holy brothers here who help me help others. I know Hashem is proud of us all.

The Tiferas Shlomo says that Pesach night is not like any other night where Hashem visits the Tzadikim who learn Torah at Chatzos. Instead on Pesach, Hashem goes down to the lowest places, like in Mitzrayim, and He comes to see how we Jews are doing in our own personal golus - and how we are coping, and He listens to us and pulls us out.

That's the holy night ahead of us folks, so please fasten your seat-belts, Hashem is gonna take us for a sky ride, He'll pull us out from this dirt and just help us get closer to Him.

I really thank all of you guys for helping me reach this stage, and I thank Hashem for giving me the strength to do it, and I know that without His help I won't make it. He's the driving power. From now on there is no turning back. I'm his eved ne'eman for life - Iy"h.

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