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Feedback on the FIREPROOF MOVIE (2008)

(Note: If you're married and want to watch it, send a request for the password to

A member shared:

Hi, Thanks for the movie. I was moved to tears many times throughout the movie.

It was very scary watching because this is my story. I have been sober for a year plus, but I always need a reminder of the pain I caused to my wife. This movie made it so real, when I watched it I saw my wife crying a year ago when I disclosed. When I saw him talking to his father that he is trying everything, I saw myself a year ago talking to my sponsor that I tried everything and that my wife is just so stubborn.

Another point I found powerful is the fact that I can love my wife and do service for her just because I love her and not for recognition or for sex, this really hit home. How many times do I think I will clean up the house so that she will say thank you or let her take a nap so that she will be up later for sex.

By the way, I finished watching this movie at around 12:30 am and before I went to sleep I mopped and cleaned the house, and then I prayed to GOD, "Please, let me do this for my wife just because I love her and not for any other reason."

Thanks for letting me share.