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Destruction can be construction

GYE Corp. Sunday, 25 March 2012

When we were in Meron to cut our son's hair and made him Payos, I used the auspicious nature of the time (es ratzon) to daven long and hard for everyone on our Chizuk e-mail lists and forum, to see salvation from the Yetzer Hara. So if you find a sudden drop in the intensity of your struggle, don't be surprised :-)


I would like to bring a beautiful excerpt from a post on the forum by Ykv_Shwartz:

As I stared at the Lag Ba'omer bon-fire tonight, the music blared in my ears, my kids ran around with ice cream sticks, the fire roared high in front of me, a thought came to mind.

I realized how Fire consumes and destroys. It is a destructive force in the world. However, the very act of destruction is constructive. The fire can create so much. When you look at the bottom of the fire, all you see is destruction. But when you look above, you see how high the flames can reach.

Where I used to view my addiction as an impediment for growth, I realize today how it served as an impetus for growth. I began to appreciate that my difficult past was an entrance to my future. I realize that I have grown from my restrictions. I have learned a lot about life. I have learned a lot about human nature. I have learned a lot about honesty. I have learned a lot about Hashem and about what it means to be an eved Hashem. And I realize today my potential for growth.

The rock bottom of the addicted individual is destruction. Life is gloomy. There seems to be no hope. All he can see is ashes. But through that very force can come construction and growth. If you look up to the sky, your flames can reach the greatest heights!