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Fire away!!

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We are standing at the door of Lag B'Omer.

Many of us will be heading to Meron.

What is the message of this hidden Yom Tov?

How do we, who struggle with the Yetzer Hara, gain chizuk and apply it in a practical way?

My zayde, the Kedushas Levy, has the answer.

It says in this week's Parsha:

"If the daughter of a Kohen begins to sin, she is defiling her father and she shall be burned."

Says the Holy Kedushas Levy:

When a person sins he provides life to the klippos, thereby weakening his connection with Hashem.

The sin has in it heat and passion, which was misplaced and is now giving energy to the forces of evil.

So how do we reconnect??

The Torah Teaches Us:

U'bas ish kohen ki sechel liznos...

The Jewish soul - the princess (bas kohen) - that begins to sin...

How can it be fixed??!!


Burn it up! Fire it up!!

Serve Hashem with fervor, with feeling, with passion!

Sing, Dance, Clap, Cry, Laugh, Be ALLLIIIVE!!

By serving Hashem through hislahavus, we can readjust the passion to what it really was intended for!!

And we can snatch away that which the Satan stole.

Maybe that is the secret of why we light a madurah (bonfire) in honor of Reb Shimon.

To reconnect the fire within us to the highest places!

The fire of Reb Shimon burns in all of us!!


Good Shabbos