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Filling the void

GYE Corp. Sunday, 08 April 2012

Whenever there was a strong Kedusha, it leaves a "void" in its wake when it leaves. That is why we eat Melaveh Malka on Motzai Shabbos, to counter this affect. And perhaps that is also why there is Shushan Purim. Otherwise, the great drop in Kedusha from Purim to regular weekdays would be too difficult to bear. Already someone posted today on the forum: "Today I'm feeling very empty and alone. I guess it's a let down from Purim".

So my advice to everyone is twofold:

1) Make sure to rejoice a little on Shushan Purim as well. Eat a good meal, put on some good music, do something with your family, etc... This will help us adjust to the drop from yesterday.

2) Be aware that you may get these feelings now that Purim is behind us. Awareness that these feelings are normal, can help us be better prepared and also help to lessen the affect. Be ready to surrender your will to Hashem.


"Momo" posted recently on the forum:

GUE, not only have you inspired me to stay clean for 3 weeks, you've also inspired me to write poetry!

I was thinking of this idea yesterday and it helped keep me going during a challenging time I had. Perhaps if someone is feeling weak, they can remember some of this poem and it might strengthen them as it did me.

I will not disappoint

I will not disappoint my soul by listening to the Yetzer Hara instead of to her.
I will not disappoint my ancestors who risked their lives to remain pure and true.
I will not disappoint my GUE friends who believe in me, pray for me, and cry for me every day.
I will not disappoint Moshiach who is waiting for me to do Teshuva in order for him to reveal himself.
I will not disappoint my wife who prayed many prayers, and shed many tears begging HaShem to help me untangle myself from my depression, and reestablish a beautiful relationship with her, and only her.
I will not disappoint HaShem who has been patiently waiting for years for me to remove myself from the world of Tumah, return to Him, and affix myself to the world of Kedushah.
And most important of all, I will not disappoint myself.
I will not disappoint, and therefore, I must not fall.
And Heaven forbid if I fall, I must pick myself up and continue onward.