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Five things to remember when the compulsion strikes


Written in honor of the yahrtzeit of Beis Aharon of Karlin 


obormottel Sunday, 11 June 2017

Fight isn't ours: We are not asked to fight, we are only asked to want and ask for His help. Give it over to Hashem and pray, "Hashem, I can't, but You can. Take it from me please".

It passes: The strong desires and confusion we feel now will pass. In just a short time, we'll already feel much different. Lust comes in waves, just bow your head and let the wave go overheard. Don't try and fight it head-on.

Game: It's all a game to help us grow and reach our potential. Rebbe Nachman calls the Yetzer Hara "Imagination". It's 99% triggers and emotions and only 1% actual pleasure. After the pleasure, we're thrown right back into reality and see it for what it really is. Don't fall for the lies!

Harmful: "Giving in" is destructive. It takes us away from our goals, from Hashem, from our families, spouses, and from OURSELVES. The obsession is never satisfied until we're dead.

Toil: "Man was created to toil" and there's no escaping it. Either we'll be slaves to Pharaoh with no benefit, or we'll serve Hashem and earn an eternal reward. Life is no picnic, it's full of suffering and strife. We're not here to enjoy ourselves, we're here to work. However, we can choose where we would rather feel the "hardships" and "toil". Will we choose to be slaves to the Yetzer Hara or will we choose to serve G-d with joy?